5 Staging Tips For The Spring




The fundamentals of staging never really age out, but to stand out you need to know the season’s key trends for cre5 staging  tips for the springating the “wow” and “ah-ha” moments that make buyers fall in love.

Here are five spring 2016 staging trends, tips, and a few easy upgrades that will help your seller’s listing become the most-loved in the MLS:

1. Color Where it Counts
Many make staging a mission to neutralize a space’s color palette from top to bottom. While this isn’t a bad strategy (and we’ve recommended it often!), don’t forget that color can be your friend when you’re engaging buyers.

A bright area rug that draws attention to floor inlays or bright flowers beside a high-end vessel sink can signal buyers where they should really look in photos and during tours. Add color around features guaranteed to wow buyers to make sure they aren’t missed.

2. Lux the Lighting
More than ever, listings are competing in clusters of homes and developments where everyone was served the same off-the-shelf features. In these neighborhoods, one major way to stand out (which can be accomplished by doing it yourself) is a lighting upgrade.
Ridding the home of generic fluorescents and boring ceiling fans can create a lot of buyer love. Even if your sellers can’t afford to upgrade every room, try to sell them on installing a “statement light” in the entryway, kitchen, or other key common areas that will impress them and their future guests.

3. Turn up the Tech
Also in the realm of standout features to consider are adding tech touches throughout the home. Two impressive upgrades that are more affordable than you’d think are:

Built-in USB Wall Chargers — For just $20, sellers can make outlets in key common areas more mobile friendly by adding an USB-compatible outlet to charge phones, tablets, and other devices.
Touch-less, motion-sensor faucets — For around $100 on sites like Amazon, your seller can add serious high-tech luxury to bathroom and kitchen sinks.
4. Go Monochromatic to Create Space
Clutter isn’t always on the counter. If a room has more than four bold colors competing, chances are its carrying visual clutter. Work with sellers to cut down on the number of colors in rooms (especially small ones) to create more visual space and use color to highlight the features that will really make buyers fall in love.

5. Create a Post-Staging Guide
One timeless trend that’s sure to help after you’ve staged is a “showing sheet.” After you and your sellers have done the hardcore work of staging, don’t be afraid to guide buyers to the key selling points that will make them fall in love.

Showing sheets that sit on an entryway table aren’t just good for open houses. Leave them for each showing or consider sending them as a follow-up to buyers agents to make sure your listing makes a lasting impression.

These are five of our hot staging trends we’re starting to see this year. Tell me! What are you seeing in your market?


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