6 Tips for buying a Home this fall in Southern California

6 Tips for buying a Home this fall in Southern California
Potential home buyers looking to find their perfect match. Below are 6 tips to buying a home in Southern California.

1. Hire a Local Real Estate Professional to Be Your Tour Guide, and Choose Carefully!
Realtors will help you with your home search, required contractual paperwork, negotiations, inspections, and any other concerns that may come up. Remember, it will cost you nothing to hire a buyer’s agent; the seller of your new home will pay their commission, so you have nothing to lose.

2. Understand Your Financial Profile and Get Pre-Approved For a Home Mortgage.

6 Tips for buying a Home this fall in Southern California

Obtaining a home mortgage is harder today than it has been a very long time, which means you may not be qualified to borrow as much money as you think. Before you go out and tour any homes, you should meet with a mortgage specialist to determine an accurate budget and then follow the steps necessary to get per-approved.

3. Prioritize Your Needs and Wants

As a home buyer you should have a solid understanding of your own needs. Make a checklist and prioritize the items on that list; what do you need vs. what do you want? Understand that your list will shift and change based on your budget constraints and market trends.

6 Tips for buying a Home this fall in Southern California

4. Sellers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Face Competition

As a buyer you need to be prepared to compete for your dream house. Bidding wars are on the rise in Southern California real estate, so you need to always lead with your best foot forward. The days of under bidding on a house are over. If you decide to make an offer, make it a good one! Work with your agent to think of unique ways to propel yourself above other buyers.

5. For the Multipule Bid Offers there the “Please Let Me Buy Your Home” Letter

I know, I know, you are thinking this is soooo cheesy. However, a friend of mine had three similar offers on the table when he was selling his house. Two of the offers came with very heartfelt letters. He was actually put off by the buyer who didn’t send a letter because the others did and it made a huge impact—and he sold to one of the letter-writers, even though it was a slightly lower priced offer than the non-letter writer. Writing a letter may not get you the deal, but if you are the one offer that doesn’t put pen to paper, it could lose it. Do not loose out if you want to buy in a high demand area in Southern California for buyers. Take advantage of buying in the fall there potential less competition.

6. Not Overloading on Contingencies
The most common contingencies are the inspection , the financing and the appraisal. However, every contingency that you add has the potential to make your offer look weaker, because it make it harder to close the deal. Make sure you really need them before you building them into your offer. Home inspection is always recommend!

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6 Tips for buying a Home this fall in Southern CaliforniaMelody Pike Buyer’s Service
6 Tips for buying a Home this fall in Southern California

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