A head start for first-time home buyers fall 2017 Southern California!

The process of buying a home for the first time can be daunting at best. When you’re just starting out it can seem simply unattainable.

Most first-time home buyers have decided to take a serious financial plunge. How it all works out depends, in large part, on the amount of homework conducted prior to diving in. Big questions loom for first-timers, ranging from financial concerns to the age-old rent versus buy conundrum.

A head start for first-time home buyers fall 2015 Southern California!
​ This is a typical move up type of house not a beginner house.


Historically, Americans have classified homes as investments. Homeowners often scoff at renters who “throw their money away every month.” While the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, still touts the benefits of owning a home, such as the mortgage interest tax deduction, Asher Hawkins of Forbes Magazine thinks first-time home buyers should think more critically. The housing market crash that took hold in 2008 left many homeowners with a losing investment; the value of their homes was less than the balance left on their mortgage. All of a sudden, renting did not seem like such a bad deal. Home ownership–down payment, closing costs, insurance, property tax, maintenance and the monthly payment–against the cost of renting. First-time home buyers should get a head start on the process, advises the California Housing Finance Agency. First-timers should get pre-approved for a mortgage. First-timers often overlook the fact that they will need cash for a down payment as well as closing costs. Most states, including California, as well as the federal government offer assistance programs. Highly recommended do your homework early and this will take time.

A head start for first-time home buyers Southern California!

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A head start for first-time home buyers in Southern California!

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