Open houses now attracting Web-savvy clients who actually buy the house they tour.

“Popularity of online home search sites over the past few years is positively affecting the effectiveness of open houses. With homes listed online, buyers can learn everything about a house before they even set foot in it.”, according to Jon Coile Washington Post Read More.

When buyers look for a house they search online and for virtual tours of the house, savvy buyers do their homework and attend an open house if they like what they see from their Internet research. Buyers often like open houses giving them control to tour the house in a relaxing manner with little to no pressure.

Both buyer’s and seller’s benefit from an open house when done right!

Buyers should have an idea of price range they qualify with a lender this is highly recommended before touring open houses. Some buyers believe they can talk a seller down $40,000-100,000 plus below their asking price. Southern California real estate has recovered and now favors the seller in several areas.

When Buyer’s do their online research they look at several factors for example:

1. Make sure you like the area (Google earth or maps) for out of the area buyer’s, police statistics of area crimes reports are often online.

2. Schools ratings if they have children both public and private schools in the area.

3. Does the house have the basic feature you are looking for bedrooms, baths, yard, and garage? Is it close?

4. Do you qualify for the house-listed price?

5. How far is the house from work, school, family, and other events.

6. Freeway traffic patterns may have an effect on buyer’s decisions on purchasing a house, especially in Southern California. (How long does it take to get to work and home during the week days?)

These are a few questions buyers look into before going to some open houses. Next they like to see the layout, look and feel of the house. An “Open House” is a great way to help with the web-savvy buyer make decisions.

How an “Open House” benefits a Sellers?

1. By increase the number of potential buyers with easy access to tour the house.

2. An open house will allow buyers to view features of the house that is hard to show in photos and videos.

3. For an owner a great reason to have an open house is to receive feed back from potential buyers who attend the open house.

4. Depending on the area housing market may increase house price, multi offers, buyer may work with seller’s terms.

These are a few ideas why having an “Open House” is a good idea. Each house, area and buyer/seller are different. Talk to your agent about your ideas and concerns. If you would like a list of open houses for southern California or would like to have an open house or discuss your situation call me at (626) 869-7464 or write to the email address above. (top of page).

Thank you for reading my blog.

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